About Charsy as a cartoon and character artist

Who is Charsy?

Charsy is a cartoonist and character designer from Germany.

He is the creator of the Charsy-comics that are published on Instagram on a weekly basis.

What else does Charsy do?

The fields that Charsy is active in are:

  • Cartooning
  • Comics
  • Character desing & illustration
  • Clothes and merchandise design
  • Pencil drawing
  • Digital art

Charsy prints all of his artworks and characters on ecological clothing and mugs. These items can be bought through his online shop or the platforms Redbubble or Society6.

You are also welcome to read in Charsy’s Blog or visit the main page!

What is the Charsy comic about?

The Charsy comic, that is being published on Instagram and other Social Media on a weekly basis, is a story about a cartoon character named Charsy, who shares a flat with his best friends: the coffee cup Philbert and the mustard colored dog Marty.

While Philbert is living a normal life, working for a big corporation, Charsy tries to escape the boredom of the nine to five life through his creativity and drawing of cartoon characters.

The cartoon characters consist of everyday objects that come to life and play a crucial role as the visual representation of Charsy’s imagination and creativity.

Where can I learn more about Charsy and his work?

Charsy’s official social media channels:

Charsy is active and shows his cartoon art and characters on the following Social Media platforms:

Follow the above links to follow Charsy and stay up to date on his cartoon and comic art, character designs and weekly comics.

On which other pages can I find Charsy’s cartoon characters and pop art?

Charsy can also be found on the following networks:

How can I get in touch with Charsy?

Getting in touch to get your own cartoon art

If you want to get in touch with Charsy you have different possibilities:

Hire Charsy as a cartoon artist

Since Charsy is a cartoon and character artist you can also hire him for your personal character art and product illustration projects. Find out more about how to hire Charsy for your own project here.

Future projects

What are upcoming projects that Charsy is working on?

Right now Charsy is constantly releasing the Charsy comic on a weekly basis. At the same time he is improving the sortiment of art clothing on offer in his online shop. 

Meanwhile, he creates a short graphic novel that is going to be published by the end of July 2023.

If you would like to work on a project with Charsy please get in touch! 


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